Compulsive Skin Picking (My Story): Why BFRB?

Compulsive Skin Picking (My Story): Why BFRB?

-Compulsive Skin Picking-

Do you struggle with anxiety and stress? Do you ever find you picking on YOU? Today, I discuss an issue I struggle with– compulsive skin picking, also known as excoriation or dermatilliomania. This is a body-focused repetitive behavior commonly associated with obsessive compulsive disorder or body dysmorphic disorder.

I have successfully healed myself of a decade-long struggle with anorexia and bulimia, both of which were habitual addictive habits that consumed my life at one point. Holistic healing of the mind, body and soul offered me an enduring form of treatment, unlike Western-medicine where the goal is to subdue the symptoms at almost any cost.

-Emotional Root Cause-

Addressing the emotional root cause of habitual patterns (like skin picking) is a strong step towards a self-empowering lifestyle. My struggle with an eating disorder taught me of self-empowerment and how to be my own advocate, expert and healer. No one will protect you like you.

Compulsive skin picking, as with any body-focused repetitive behavior, originates from an attempt to escape present discomfort. Feelings of anxiety, stress, lack of control and worthlessness typically precede my compulsive skin picking sessions.

The repetitive body-focused behavior offers a psuedo-sense of accomplishment and relief for those seeking an escape from any present discomfort. However, the reality is that I am immersed in feelings of shame, guilt and hopelessness after skin picking my face.

-Stressful Stimulation-

Modern day society is structured in a way that encourages constant stimulation of the nervous system. From giant billboards on the side of the road to the unspoken hierarchical system and exterior expectations warping reality, steady stimulation is a constant part of society.

Some respond to constant stimulation by developing a desensitized perspective while others may experience a heightened and hypersensitive emotional mindset. When there is a significant decrease in stimulation, moments of stillness often equate to boredom or discomfort due to the lack of intense stimulation.

-How to Stop Skin Picking-

In moments of mindful stillness, we can learn and grow. I am now ready and willing to outgrow the habit of compulsive skin picking. Are you ready for the journey?

My plan for further holistic healing of body-focused repetitive behaviors include: Nature’s natural therapy, self-empowering DIY projects, gratitude-cultivating mindfulness activities and compassion-full vegan lifestyle.

-Self-Empowerment Challenge-

Do more for you so you can be more for you.

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